Paradox mobile application is a server that is created as a bridge between the alarm systems, IP devices, IP cameras, and mobile devices with the help of the Insite Gold application. This application allows a stronger connection with the alarm panel without any local IP programming. Here we can just create an account in few minutes. This is a reliable system push notifications as well as supervision lost notification.

Pacific Security Technology is one of the reliable and effective security company that has helped many individuals live a peaceful secured life.

Why use the Paradox Mobile app- Insite Gold?

This is one of the useful application that is used due to following reasons:

  • An individual can arm or disarm remotely from a mobile phone anywhere in the world.
  • Receives notifications of alarm activation in real-time.
  • An individual can see the activation history with the palm of the hand.
  • See zone status remotely
  • With this, we can view CCTV footage with the Paradox Camera Detectors.
  • Control home automation device through Insite gold application.

How do Paradox Insite Gold works?

In order to make the Paradox Insite Gold work we can rely on home internet instead of the traditional phone line that calls one when alarm triggers. This is an easy way to be upgraded with the Paradox alarm to become internet-enabled. With the help of IP150 internet module, an individual will be able to control the Paradox alarm system using the Insite Gold smartphone application. Many other solutions require an individual to use a SIM card for the notification. With the help of internet access, we can save the money that we spend on SIM card maintenance, etc. When this application is used by multiple family members then the account fee is raised.

How to install & set up paradox Insite Gold Mobile App?

An individual can install Insite Gold application from Google Play or Apple App Store. In order to install the same, follow the steps below:

Insite Gold-Step by Step Guide

  1. Launch Insite Gold
  2. Click on the menu icon
  3. Click on the new installation
  4. Click on create
  5. Select site without cameras
  6. Enter the control panel serial number and click on ok.
  7. Check the IP150 module connected to the panel and click on the Next button.
  8. If this is the first time you are creating the site and do not have an email already registered with Insite Gold, press Create PMH user and fill in all the necessary details.
  9. Open mail inbox, locate the email and received and also verify the new account.
  10. Enter site name with site ID and a valid email address and click create a new site. An individual must have access to the email that the individual has entered as you will need to activate the setup process. The site name is one that usually appears in the site list when using the Insite Gold application. Site ID is one that must be registered on PMH server.
  11. After all, this, select the plan and enter the payment details.
  12. Check email and initiate the activation process.
  13. Enter the Master Pin code of the panel and you are ready to access it.

Pacific Security Technology is one of the pioneers who have helped many individuals by providing them with the ease of advanced application so that they can disarm at it at any instance.