Ness XCEL App

D8XCEL and D16XCEL with cellular dialler onboard – the professional integrated control panel and cellular dialler solution!
  • Central Station Monitoring Via Cellular
  • ARM & Disarm by SMS
  • Alarm reports by SMS
  • Programming by SMS
  • Get System Status by SMS
  • Encrypted communication – no data kept on server
  • Site supervision and push if lost
  • Simple account creation with email and Site Panel serial number
  • Operation and programming by SMS messaging
  • Remote operation and programming via the free NessXCEL app
  • Alarm reporting back to base by CID and/or selfmonitoring by SMS
  • Powerful SMS accessibility including: arm/ disarm, programming, check system status, read alarm memory, receive alarm messages and operate AUX outputs all by SMS/TXT
  • Supports up to 10 mobile phone numbers for SMS reporting
  • Fully customisable word library for SMS messaging
  • All-new KPX and Navigator Keypads supporting cellular operation