• Bridge to connect Paradox systems to Cellular or IP devices
  • Auto-connect to PCS cellular devices, IP150, and IP cameras
  • Bridge for Video streaming and push notifications
  • No port forwarding, IP programming/configuration or UPNP required
  • Reliable 24/7 connection
  • Encrypted communication – no data kept on server
  • Site supervision and push if lost
  • Simple account creation with email and Site Panel serial number
PMH and Insite GOLD How to use it?
PMH (Paradox My Home) is a server created to be a bridge between Paradox systems IP devices, IP cameras and mobile devices using the Insite GOLD application. Using the PMH server allows connection to all without any local IP programming or programing of Paradox devices. Enrolling an account and creating a site is very easy and takes a few minutes. PMH also provides reliable system push notifications, as well as supervision lost notification.