Have you ever caught in a situation where you forgot to initiate the alarm system of your home or office while going out? This leaves your property vulnerable to potential threats like robbery and theft. To avoid this situation, there was only one option to come back and switch on the alarm system. But this is not a big issue nowadays, since technology has made it easy to control alarm systems remotely. Now with the help of a smartphone-enabled alarm system, one can switch on and control alarm systems remotely. Let’s discuss more this technology and know why you should have a smartphone-enabled alarm system.

What is a smartphone-enabled alarm system?

Smartphone-enabled alarm systems are those alarm systems that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone. You can connect your mobile phone with an alarm system and can monitor your security system sitting at a remote place or while traveling as well. This can be done via an application on your smartphone or an intermediate device attached to your router connection at home or office.

Intermediate devices for NESS Alarm system

Intermediate device, such as Ness IP232 Remote Access Module, and Hills ComNav Remote Access Module, works as a bridge between your smartphone and internet router. These intermediate devices are compatible with both android and IOS software applications. aComms and iComm apps are the two popular software compatible with the mentioned intermediate devices.

Ness IP232 Remote Access Module

If you are looking for a perfect intermediate device for your Ness alarm system, Ness IP32 Remote Access Module is one of the best choices available. It works as a bridge between the smartphone software applications and the router, allowing the user to communicate with the alarm system installed at the secured site.

Compatible Ness Alarm Systems with Ness IP232 Remote Access Module

  • Ness D16XD Deluxe Navigator Kit,
  • Ness D8XD Deluxe Navigator Deluxe Plus Kit and
  • Ness D8XD Deluxe Panel& Noise Kit.

Hills ComNav Remote Access Module

In case if you are looking for remote desktop access along with the mobile access, Hills ComNav Remote Access Module is one of the best intermediate devices available in the market. Compatible with both android app and IOS app, it allows you to alarm and dis-alarm a security system of security system.

Compatible Ness Alarm Systems with Hills ComNav Remote Access Module

  • NX4 can protect 8 customizable security zones which is compatible withHills ComNav Remote Access Module
  • NX8 comes with a touchscreen control panel and real time protection from fire or medical emergencies

Connection applications for Smartphones

Mobile applications are important to connect the smartphones to the router so that the alarm systems can be controlled remotely.

NESS Alarm System has mobile application software for both the android and IOS platforms.  Android application acomms and IOS application icomms are both compatible with the bridges and almost every smartphone of different segments.

Hills Alarm System has Xconnect, another application that adds versatility to the alarm system. With the help of Hills Alarm System, one can set up multiple smartphones or computer systems to a security system compatible Hills alarm system. It is just like Ness Alarm System applications with technicality and is available on both android and IOS platforms. 


Now we know what a smartphone-enabled alarm system is, and also know why it is important to have one. So, it is the correct time to get equipped with a smartphone-enabled alarm system so that you can have an access to your security services with ease.